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AI doesnt use realistic paths when following you in combat mode through a city
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Im aware of the other issue reports about the "AI not staying by the leader" (0004465) or "not keeping up" (0003920), which i also support but i would like to specify the problem cause what the AI does when following you in combat mode, is taking their own paths through buildings and gardens or behind walls - this is not only causing the mentioned issues it makes it also seem unrealistic even if they can keep up - the AI should at least stay on the same street! For example I'm stopping in the middle of a street and one AI guy sits in a house next to me and another one secures a garden seperated by a big stone wall - thats not how I would expect squad positions in combat!

But what i also want to clarify: From the technical point of view, the way the sqad moves, i mean how the secure directions and move step by step is great! It should only happen on the same path/area that I use and if necessary faster!


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Move through a city with a squad of at least 4 AI soldiers - Happens as soon as in combat mode

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I can second that. AI is all over the place in urban areas.

yeah and i dont quite understand it cause this takes away so much atmosphere - for me this is one of the biggest issues for sp gaming - and especially sad cause the covering/movement system itself is really god!

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Yeah. They are all over the place in urban areas when in "Combat mode".
And path finding is terrible in CM. Like they are 10 meters far from APC on wide road > giving them order "Get in" > they start running all over the town > 5 minutes of facepalming :D