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Slammer Tank AAF Skin.
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I'm simply requesting that the AAF textures for the NATO Slammer tank be added to the 'armor_f_gamma.pbo'.

I'm not requesting that the Slammer be added to the AAF side, just the textures so we can 'SetObjectTexture' it onto the NATO version, as show below BIS has already done some nice textures for a AAF version and it would be great to have the option for various scenarios.

Image :


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They're going to get their own MBT and tracked IFV next month, so why bother?

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Peter added a comment.Nov 27 2013, 7:52 PM

And also helicopters

Which helicopters?

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The Mohawk.

There are 2 alternative textures for the Mohawk and the Orca (and lots for the Hummingbird) in the files already. Are there more?

I believe there was another texture for the Mohawk, it looked tan, like the NATO vehicles.

Allready mentioned there 0012463. Please monitor that thread if you want to know any progress.