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No Explosion Sound When Artillery Hits
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Made a mission last week that featured artillery support. I didn't finish it until today, however, and just got finished playing a bit. I called in arty five times, and, on each occasion, I saw the fireballs, but heard no explosion. I was no more than half a klick from my target, so I obviously should have heard something. I ended the mission, restarted, and reproduced the issue again and again. Still no dice (no pun intended).


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Call in arty support. Wait for the deafening silence.

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Which type artillery? Virtual or some linked unit? Which type of ammunition? Thank you for more info.

Hi Astaroth. Linked units firing HE shells.

I tried, Mortar, Sandstorm and Scorcher and I had always explosion sound. Can you try please again tommorow in relase version? Thank you.

Hi Astaroth. I've since defragged my HD and did a file integrity check and it seems to have sorted the issue with the sound. However, now I've a new issue. LOL. Seems I've got "double voice", where commands are said by the same voice, but doubled up as though a crowd of them are talking in sync. LOL. New ticket? Bah, I'll wait til tomorrow.

Once again, thanks for all of your hard work on this great game. I can't wait till some of the nagging issues are sorted, but I've faith it'll be a dynamite product once it's set! :)

Try it in today's relase version. If issue will persist, create new ticket for this please. Thank you.