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Automatic Wearing of Diving Goggles when in/out of water == Inventory Inconsistency
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When unit has Diving Goggles in inventory's goggles slot, these are automatically shown in unit's model when entering the water (surfaceIsWater == true), and they are automatically hidden back a few meters out of the water.

Likewise but in opposition, non-underwater goggles (glasses/shades/spectacles) are automatically shown when a few meters away from the water, but automatically hidden as soon as (surfaceIsWater == true).

I suggest if this automatism is to prevail, it should be accompanied with the item assignItem/unassignItem* in the inventory from it's goggles slot.

*both unassignItem and unlinkItem commands are broken when used with any goggles (see ticket -, disallowing the scripter to workaround the current functionality.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce
  • create a player near the shore line in editor
  • run these commands in debug console

player addItem "G_Diving";
player assignItem "G_Diving";

  • move the player in and out of the water (when moving out of the water player has to move some meters further away then at the point required when entering)

Repeat for non-underwater goggles but giving the player:
player addItem "G_Shades_Black";
player assignItem "G_Shades_Black";

Additional Information

The icon in the goggles inventory slot is always consistent with information returned by command goggles player.

Leading me to think this automatism only affects the visibility/invisibility of the goggles, which if for that reason alone could be removed altogether since it does not impact the gameplay.

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