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Servers and missions need the option to force sound level slider
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Right now people can manipulate sound levels using the in game sound level sliders to gain an advantage which mission and servers can do nothing about it. Servers and missions should be able to force the various sound levels on the client so they do not gain an unfair advantage.


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What exactly might these advantages be?

You cannot enforce the sound level of speakers/headphones so enforcing ingame sound levels is futile.

I am talking about the ingame slider were you can increase VON to maximum and lower everything else. If you were standing beside a jet taking off you could here someone whisper to you.

OK, so you mean the ratio between the different ingame sound levels.

Yes, for example you could here someone whispering while beside a large artillery vehicle firing or beside a tank barrel as it fires.

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And what if my headphones pick up sound better than my speakers, what if my speakers vary wildly in audio, bass and treble thus making sounds a bit different.

What if I am used to turning my speakers up because a particular option is too quiet, what if helicopters in comparison to every vehicle are so loud that I want to turn my effects down but not my audio so that I can still hear radio chatter and my friends on microphones, which in turn would also gimp me on hearing bullet cracks and give me a loss of situational awareness.

This server forcing thing is becoming ridiculous.