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selectWeapon "Put" or "Throw" won't stay on
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If I want to script player placing down C4 so that he can "touchoff" later it with a scripted action there is a problem as selectWeapon "PipeBombMuzzle" for example will only flash for a split second in the ammo indicator and deselect itself. Because of this it is not possible to fire or reload "Put" weapon as it gets deselected very quickly.

If I force continuous selectWeapon via oneachframe for example it works but i need also to bring up some sort of GUI, so there is a way to allow it in the game for scripting control.


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spawn unit in editor
open debug console and type

player addAction ["Place Mine", {
player addMagazine "APERSMine_Range_Mag";
oneachframe {player selectWeapon "ClassicMineRangeMuzzle"};
player fire ["ClassicMineRangeMuzzle", "ClassicMineRangeMuzzle", "APERSMine_Range_Mag"];
player action ["Gear", player];

  • spawn {
		waitUntil {dialog};
		sleep 1;
		closeDialog 0;
		oneachframe {};



Notice how Put weapon shows when dialog is open

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ArmA 3, v1.10 official:
the following code, put into a unit (named buddy) init field:

oneachframe { buddy selectWeapon "Throw"; buddy globalchat format["%1", currentweapon buddy]; };

Always returns unit's primary weapon.
Enclosing code into a spawn {} block does not change the result.