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Steam Description overflow (unknown entity) in-game on ampersand and semi-colon characters
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The use of an & ampersand terminates the display of the remaining text in the Steam Description in-game. It also seems that the later use of a ; semi-colon causes the game to resume displaying characters. The game gives a RPT error, "Unknown entity: " containing the text between the first written ampersand and last semi-colon (the missing text in-game). {F21981}


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best example i have is the mission i have on steam (, subscribe and load up arma; view the steam description in-game;

-all the text between the & ampersand and the ; semi-colon are missing.

-a ? question mark where & ampersand should be, but only occurs after the final ; semi-colon

-an error in the RPT file, (truncated) "Unknown entity: ' save timer inter {...} ixes - action menu items consistently sort' "

Additional Information

A theory connected to this overflow, (something i can't seem to replicate locally, but seems to exist on some other player machines) appears to break mission init (call compile preprocessfilelinenumbers called from init.sqf seem to not have run according to those players rpt files...scripts that otherwise run consistently for other players, suddenly report compiled functions as undefined on the loads from steam (and on only one reported occasion, up to 5 reloads before script functioned). These sudden undefined functions are also apparently only on Altis, and have yet to occur in Stratis. (memory issue?)

when i get this one other players rpt, i'll add them here so you can see whats happening on their end.

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I decided to keep this bug private as i don't know, and didn't want to test or make public the extent of what is potentially possible between those characters