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Add a small ammo counter for the ammo supply trucks.
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The ammo trucks(HEMTT and Zamak) need a way of showing how much ammo is remaining in their supply, perhaps a counter in the ammo HUD which would show in percentages.
This would be useful for logistic drivers to know when they should return to their main base to resupply the truck, instead of finding out in the middle of a fire mission or battle.


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I think they have unlimited supply when placed in editor. Just like the other series? Only limited if you want it to be with scripting.

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I don't think so. It can't fully resupply some vehicles and it can't resupply some at all.

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The trucks currently have almost no ammo. Buzzard only reload 70 HE rounds, no missiles. In ArmA 2 I could reload any jet 4 times (at least) before some ammo could not be reloaded anymore.