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T-100 Varsuk name
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In-game Iran side using vehicles that seems to be russian, but there is no word such as 'Varsuk' in russian language, i think it should be 'Barsuk' (badger)


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As much as I don't care, I think Badger is a really cool name.

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Honey Badger a Ratel, They are not using real names

Its not real name of any vehicle anyway, but they are using real words, and there is no such word as "Varsuk", it sounds ridiculous, what would you say if IFV was named "Sheetah" instead of "Cheetah"?

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The vehicle isn't Russian. It's the Ukranian T-84 Oplot.

T-100's turret smaller than T-84's, so it looks more like one of the T-95 concepts:

@Astaroth i think issue was been obsolete.

Please close this ticket ^_^

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