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IAF Medic cannot heal injured characters. Does not have Medkit in inventory.
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I was messing about with the IAF today and noticed my medic wouldn't/couldn't heal me during a simple mission I created. I switched to him and attempted to heal my main character, but was not given the prompt to do so no matter where I stood. I looked in the medics inventory and found several first aid kits but no actual medkit, so that could be a reason. Just figured I'd pass it along.


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Play as IAF medic.

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You guys are really doing great work. As a relative newcomer to Arma, I just want to say that, despite the bugs and issues, this game kicks total ass.

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I believe this is intended.

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agree with AD, its an insurgency medic, do not expect him to be someone that can heal all of your injured organs and blood leaks in your body in 10 seconds

But he can't heal ANYTHING. What's the point of making him a medic if he can't heal me (another IAF soldier) with even a first aid kit? For comparison's sake, I switched to my Riflemen, took one of said medic's first aid kits, and was then given the prompt (the medical symbol) to heal the wounded soldier. I can understand not giving him a medkit if he's supposed to be a super low-rent insurgency hack, but he can't even give me a Band-Aid? LOL.

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you know? soldiers can heal each other using FAKs.....

Yes, you just made my point for me. The IAF Medic couldn't even do that. He had FAKs and, yet, despite seeing the red medical symbol on my soldier from a distance, once he got right up to him, no medical symbol "prompt" showed up to heal, nor was there an option in the menu. I took an FAK from his inventory with one of the riflemen in the squad, and approached the same injured soldier. The white medical symbol showed up when I was within healing range, and, voila, I healed him. Why was the medic unable to do this? Why was he able to discern from a distance that my team leader was wounded (like all medics), yet, once he walked up to him, wasn't able to so much as bandage a wound?

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Then fix the ticket, its not about inventory but about AI

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So, if you're playing as a medic, can you heal other players or AI? If yes, this is an AI issue. If not, this is about the medical system (or maybe even the inventory?).