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M2A1 main gun depression too little, firing from defilade near impossible
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The Merkava MK4, which is the basis for the M2A1, has a main gun depression of 7° max. The current ingame model has a main gun depression of 5~°, lower than the Arma 2 T-72.

To be useful in firing from hull down positions, rear hill positions or generally from positions requiring the gun to be depressed, the tank is currently limited to very shallow angles of terrain.

This is particularily a problem for the AI who cannot select terrain according to the limitation of their weapons system. For players, you are also forced to emplace yourself in useless, unprotected positions more often than not due to the main gun not going low enough to use a hill for cover. {F21969}


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Place self at hillside, travel over it, try to aim into the bottom of next valley and note that you need to completely crest the hill to become effective.

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Green line is the gun depression as it should be, red line is current maximum, also illustrated by the gun.

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I think this is still present in 1.06.
Should be easily fixable.

Wondering if the depression on the new MBT isn't off either, but I can`t find any data on it right now. Anybody?

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Didn't look too closely at it but the new tank appears to be the MBT Revolution, an upgrade of the Leopard 2A4.

I believe the Leopard 2A4 has 20/-9 degrees elevation/depression.