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Suggestion - add different types of missiles/rockets for the MLRS
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The MLRS currently only carries 12 dumb explosive rockets, surely in 2035 there should be a greater variety, plus the rockets are called "Titan" yet they aren't even close to the guided titan missiles.

The choice should be similar to the self propelled artillery vehicles:

  1. Cluster rockets
  2. Anti personnel and Anti tank mine cluster rockets
  3. Laser guided missiles
  4. Guided missiles/SADARM
  5. Smoke rockets
  6. DPICM


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IMO they should at least have a DPICM/Cluster-munition version of the rockets since the majority of munitions developed for the real-world MLRS were DPICM munitions (M26, M30(GMLRS), most warheads for the MGM-140 ATACMS and IIRC SAGE 227 were all DPICM).

In the past, the UK, France and Germany used to have AT2 rockets to deploy AT mines, but stopped using them due to various landmine and cluster munition conventions (which I know Arma 3 doesn't adhere to, hence we have 155mm DPICM and mine munitions), so they are also a realistic option for the Sandstorm.

Unitary munitions (single warhead HE) like the one used on the Sandstorm are actually a fairly recent addition to MLRS' arsenal; only becoming a mainstay with the introduction of the M31 GPS guided rocket. Nowadays this is the only munition used by the UK's MLRS (and I think Germany too) because of the previously mentioned conventions on cluster munitions.

The US had an XM29 SADARM munition as well.

Got my vote on that one.
The MLRS should have a wider variety of rockets to choose from.