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The way analogue throttle works with an actual throttle is terrible
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The way analogue throttle works with an actual throttle basically splits your throttle axis surface into 3 parts,throttle up,throttle down,and brake.This is not how it should work,it should work like this for planes,when you have the throttle all the way back it should be idle as in not providing any thrust but not braking,like when you use a keyboard and are not touching any throttle keys,you just coast and if you want to brake and slow down then you just hold a separate button or key. The way it works for helicopters is almost as it should be.The way it works when I fly a chopper is I am ether constantly going up or going down and it's nearly impossible for me to find the little itty bitty sweet spot that puts my collective in a neutral position and i can hold my altitude.The way my throttle axis area is split up is the bottom half of my throttle is for brake and the upper half of it is for throttle up and throttle down so if i want to lower collective/throttle down i move the throttle to between51-75% and if i want to throttle up/raise collective i move it between76-100% so I have a very small area to work with and the deadzone which I assume is the idle position is shrunk down from 10% to about 5% and to get there i don't move my throttle to 50% because then I would be braking,I need to move it to around 65% which should put me to throttled up to 65% or if I was in a chopper it should put me at around 15% collective up i think. so when I fly a chopper im constantly going up and down up and down trying to find the idle position so I can hold altitude,and when im trying to fly in formation with a friend im constantly overshooting him or falling behind.
So in short make the entire throttle surface for jets control thrust and if throttled down all the way then it should be idle as in not going faster or braking and slowing down,just coasting at the default speed and have a separate keybind for brake like if you held down z to brake.
And when in helicopters 50% or when within the deadzone which should be at max within 10% of 50% should be idle as in just hovering and holding altitude and going under 50% is collective lower and over 50% should be collective raise.


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i use a Thrustmaster HOTAS warthog flight stick and throttle control panel.

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