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Editor move command not usable with building floors
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When in game playing as team leader you can order your AI to move in a predefined numbered position on a multi floor building and the AI will do just fine .

When in the editor you can use the command "this move (mb buildingpos 5);" to make a unit move to the predefined position number 5 in the building near the marker , here named "mb".

The AI will follow the command but it will ignore the "height" aspect of it and will move to the exact position but on the ground floor.


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Steps To Reproduce

Use the move command in the init of the unit to make it move in the building on the upper floors marked by a marker.

In steps place a marker very close to the building you want the unit to move into and name it "building1" , then name the nearest marker building "mb" by placing this code in the init of the unit .

mb = ((getMarkerPos "building1") nearestObject buildingID); this move (mb buildingpos 5);

Building ID is the ID of the building you selected and 5 is the position in the building (you should verify the number , its visible in game where it works).

As long as you start you should observe that the unit does not go to the upper floor but on the ground level.

Additional Information

I have tested this with the hospital in Kavala and with a unit free of waypoints or groups.

Maybe this is due to the fact that the upper and lower part of the building share the same position number-name ?

Is there an other way to make a unit move to the top floor from the editor?

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