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Independant faction 'FIA' open fire on eachother when placing site.
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The Independant faction FIA seem to have this wierd AI bug which when placing down a Site using the Sites module in the editor. When placed with the same settings inside a town they do not open fire on eachother. But If I put them into one of the Military bases around Altis, not so sure about Statis they seem to become hostile to eachother and begin firing on eachother when the setting of Independant friendly to 'Nobody' in the settings. They sometimes do/don't open fire on me when I am Blufor and Opfor.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place down Site in the moduels
  2. Select faction 'FIA'
  3. Select 'Base' in the type [This doesn't always matter]
  4. Select setting of Independants friendly to 'Nobody'
  5. Place yourself down on the editor as Bluefor/Opfor and preview. The should begin firing on eachother.
Additional Information

They seem to open fire on eachother ONLY inside military bases. They don't reproduce this inside a town.

As Opfor sometimes they don't fire on you but if one group fires on you. Another group of the FIA will engage on the hostile group towards you. Sometimes if you shoot some of the FIA troops they will tell you to Cease-fire. This is also the same story for Blufor.

Edit: Sometimes this can be different in any base on the map. Some bases have them silent and reproduce the problem above [Shooting on eachother when they shoot at me] If in a smaller post they will begin firing on eachother straight away.

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Yep, reproduced.