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Designated taxiways for AI aircraft
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Aircraft on the ground should have designated routes to get to the runway.
At the moment there is a single taxiway path next to the runway that the planes aim for the end of, they should not aim for the end of. They should have designated paths of getting to it from points around an airfield.
Obviously problems arise for if you place the plane wrong, but it could be possible to "designate" a taxiway for it to primarily aim for before it pathfinds to the runway. Or it could just go to the nearest one, with ones in front of it taking priority.


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I believe currently the system does not work with airfields like that of the main Altian airport, for example planes placed in the stands outside the terminal will go cross country to get to the runway.

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I degree with you! Up voted. Now you can't call in a plain parked somewhere on the airport... Or let the Ai land and clear the runway and parked on a decent spot..