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Plane throttle control has limited range on TM Warthog
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The engine does not spool up in the first half of movement. Input is ineffective in the first half of range of motion of the Warthog throttle.

This was fixed on the choppers, but has reappeared in the planes.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  • Assign Slider Z to acceleration in plane section of controls.
  • make a A-143 mission. Start with a ramp start.
  • move throttle up to 1/3rd.
  • wait 15 secs -> no sound.
  • move throttle up to around 2/5ths.
  • wait 15 secs -> no sound.
  • move throttle up to around 1/2.
  • wait 15 secs -> sound of engine start and spool up.

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same here. Have you tried the chopper solution (only assigning the analogue accelerate, and not the brake)?

I'll get to that in 24 hours, but not sooner.

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works these days by adding the other half of the range, can be closed

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