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Armoured vehical designs
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Hi Guys brilliant work so far but I would like to bring to light issues with the current dev build armoured vehicles cosmetics.

  1. All tracks look like post WW2 designs not an advance on the current, Thick rubber pads on the tracks main contact points like on the Challenger 2. They certainly don't look like a 2035 advancement.
  2. I am hoping the MRLS launcher is due for a facelift as in its current look it could only fit the Driver inside and at high elevation the launcher merges with the hull.
  3. US Armour has a seriously vulnerable exhaust port on the right side. During the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon Israel discovered this at great cost and the models (obvious to see) based on the Merkava IV haven't addressed this issue yet despite it being 20+ years in the future!?


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Please don't take this as a moan. I just wanted to point out a few issues with the current designs.

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Additional A friends just pointed out the M2 Slammer has a 6 man crew compartment at the rear!!!

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So? It's supposed to be like that.

Totally implausible, Where's the engine supposed to go not to mention the scale of the model in relation to the interior unless of course its a Tardis tank.
I am pretty sure its supposed to Tank not an IFV.

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The Merkava in real life definitely has a rear compartment where you can place soldiers or stretchers, however it's mostly used to store ammo. The engine is in the front.
However, the rear compartment is usually used to store rounds, and it's unrealistic that the Slammer can carry ~50 shells and also has cargo capacity for 6 passengers. 2 or maybe 4 seats at best, is a more realistic configuration.

Cheers for the heads up, this I did not know. Agreed on 2 or 4 seats possible but not 6 and I agree with another report that the model is too small and lacking extra GPMG's.