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Most of the vehicles at under 10 km/h autobrake
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When you use a car/Armor/Tank or even the A-143 and let it slow down to about 10 km/h or less, the vehicle autobreaks really quickly. Pretty much like in Need For Speed Most wanted if anybody remembered that any car at slow speed auto-braked.


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Why did someone downvote this?

dont know but i dont really care about that, even if people dont post reasons to dowvote they are free to do so and i like that people up or downvote my posts because that means there are people who can think different than me.

TL;DR: i dont care about people downvoting.

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One should be able to engage a parking brake kind of feature with a key-binding instead of the auto brake.

Had to read this several times to understand, you might to change break to brake, as I read it as every vehicle destroys itself when having a speed of less than 10 km/h.

Have you ever watched the movie Speed? :D

break = cease to function
brake = slow down

The way those Vote Up/Down buttons are positioned is really awkward.
Voted up because this autobrake makes it impossible to crawl through towns in tanks.