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A-143 Takeoff Distance
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Cannot takeoff from airfields at 210-073 or 091-214 due to insufficient runway length or jet power even if performing a moving start. Setting take-off flaps seems to have no or negligible effect.

I would like either a tweak to jet acceleration or the ability to perform a short-field takeoff which would require the addition of brakes. Make it challenging for these short fields but at least possible please!


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Are you holding turbo (default E)? That was the issue I was having: 0013930.
Holding turbo/fast forward currently tilts the nose down and makes takeoff nearly impossible. And it has no effect on speed -- only continuing to hold increase thrust (Q) will kick in the 'afterburner', which makes short field takeoff just as easy as it used to be.

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G'day. No. That "turbo" key is a menace. And yeah. I have to hold thrust a lot until after heavy cornering is done or it's doing over 250 kmh as the machines bleeds speed and does accelerated stalls at the drop of a hat.

Are you saying you can take off from those two fields?

enough 190 km/h

Yes, it's possible to take off from any of the fields.
Here's a terribly rendered video for you:

Thanks for all the trouble. It is appreciated. However, I am doing exactly that and the runway you chose is not a problem. Just the two I specified at 210-073 or 091-214.

The first at 210-73 is possible, see this:

The second, 91-214, is tricky. I haven't been able to take off in the jet there, but I'll keep trying. I have a feeling the drone might be able to take off on it tho.

You sir are a scholar and a gentleman. I can see that indeed you can take off from 210-73 but interestingly I can only get to about 130 kmh and belly just hits the fence every bleeding time. You got to just over 170 kmh which is the difference.

EDIT: Actually. the 130 kmh was the other airfield not the one in the video. I tried it in in 3rd person view as per your video and took off ok by noting your wheels up speed. First person seems harder (for me at least. I only ever do first-person) but I got it up. You really have to lift the nose at just the right time. I reckon there is probably a 5 kmh tolerance in it.

Not sure what to do with this issue now. It probably depends on if any "official" aircraft will come out that can use all the strips!

Arma presents this challenge and I must succeed!
Here it is, the infamous 91-214 takeoff, 1st and 3rd person.
I had to put the jet on top of another object to get it moving, there's another bug floating around where it can get stuck in the ground.

hahaha :-) Where there is a will there is a way. Congratulations. :-) I do think it should me be a fraction easier though :-)

So this was never really an issue? I will close it if no one objects though I personally can land and take off from anywhere!

Apparently at least one person can do it so it must be possible.