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Weather effects are in a square surrounding the player.
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Easier if you set the weather to raining in the middle of the night and in the middle of the sky (either in HALO or in a vehicle), you will notice the rain forms a big square surrounding you, from wich Weather effects either seems to spawn or to cease to exist. Either way this is a very big problem with the inmersion in-game.


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The rain has absolutely no depth.
Rain should reduce visibility over distance.
It's as if the character is walking around in a portable shower cubicle.

well, i have an opinion, and a suggestion:

  1. this ticket should be closed, on the grounds that original subject applies to the specific rain effect that is no longer included in the game.
  1. it would be nice if rain could get, 'heavier' - i found that setting fog to 0.08 or somewhat above that gives a good simulation of visibility during heavy rains without appearing like fog.

considering that the drops are currently rendered with decent depth (i can see it), i really don't want arma attempting to render millions of rain drops any further away. i think you'll find just adding the fog does alot. BIS should include that when the rain value gets above 0.75 or something.

actually this problem was more related to the visibility, as it was limited to a square instead of a circle, but now that i checked i see that this problem has been fixed.