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AT mines and explosive/satchel charges almost useless against tanks
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AT mines and explosive/satchel charges (and other explosives too, i guess) can't deal any significant damage to tanks. Only tank's track getting hit by explosions, no matter how many AT mines it have triggered.

Moreover, even 4 satchel charges can't completely destroy a tank - it suffers heavy damage but it's hull as well as crew stays intact. {F21887} {F21888} {F21889}


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  1. Place any tank.
  2. Place as many AT mines (exp./sat. charges) as you wish.
  3. Get in the tank and drive over them.
  4. Notce that evertyhing but tracks stays intact.

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Still not fixed. Bug seems to get even worse, it takes like 15 AT-mines to slightly damage one of tank's tracks.

Something is seriously wrong with explosives now. I needed to use 8 satchel charges PLUS 6 explosives to destroy a tiny little shed.

Granted, the shed was made of THIN steel because it housed some electronics. But it was still a tiny shed that needed 6 explosive charges and 8 satchel charges before it could finally get blown up.

was this outside of a mission in the editor?
if yes, can you provide coordinates?

there is a real problem with the radius of damage of all explosive divice in A3.
It seems that the maximum damage is on a cercle and not on an hemisphere.
You need to be at several meter of the target to be able to damage it !