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On Elite-Settings, no Waypoints as Pilot. MH49, MI48, Orca, Ghosthawk
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On Elite-Settings you´re not able to see youre Waypoint in field of view, youve placed down on Map (lft-Shift + 1st-mousebtn).
In Blackfoot, Hummingbird and Pawnee its working.
But its not Working for the pilot of MI48, CH49, Orca and Ghosthawk.

{F21870} {F21871}


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Editor or in Mission - Settings: ELITE
-be a Pilot
-place a MI48, CH49, Ghosthawk or Orca
-get in chopper
-open map
-set down a waypoint in field of view (left-shift + 1st-mousebtn)
-close map
-no waypoint in field of view

the waypoint is shown on the map, but you cant see the waypoint in "the world"...
For the Blackfoot, pawnee and hummingbird its working fine...
Its not working for MH49, Ghosthawk, MI48 and Orca

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That's a feature, not a bug. Elite difficulty means you have no "cheats" which are in real life. Just aiming cross stays by default...

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maybe this ticked is related to this? :)

its not a feature, if the ah99, ah9 and mh9-pilots CAN see the waypoints and the mh49, ghosthawk, orca and mi48-pilots CAN´T see the waypoints!

I see, well bug is that you see waypoints from ah99, ah9 and mh9...

yes it is... thx...