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opticsViewMin/Max/Init FOV is altered based on world FOV (Profile fovTop/fovLeft)
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The values of opticsZoomMin, opticsZoomMax, and opticsZoomInit in an OpticsModes config for a Weapon are only correctly displayed when the game is at the default world FOV (fovTop=0.75; fovLeft=1.2).

When the world FOV is increased in Username.Arma3Profile, the FOV displayed in the optics is also increased. This is easiest to see with old-style 2D optics, such as those used on the PCML, but 3D optics are also affected.

Using CBA's cba_fnc_getFov function, I was able to determine that my optics set to have opticsZoomInit FOV 0.0872 actually displayed at a FOV of 0.129 when the game FOV was set to 90 degrees (fovTop=1.13; fovLeft=1.80; at 1680x1050).

This is not correct behavior; the FOV through optics should always be the same. Altering the FOV will give some players more or less magnification, so this is technically a balance issue as well. {F21869}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Look through a 2D scope (such as the PCML) at the default FOV and note the size of an object in the scope.
  2. Increase the game's world FOV in the Username.Arma3Profile file and restart Arma 3.
  3. Look through the same 2D scope at the same position and observe that the object is relatively smaller.
Additional Information

This is easiest to show in an image, which is attached. The image shows a 2D scope view (ignore the decorations in the first image) taken from the exact same position at the exact same opticsViewInit. However, the world FOV has been changed, which can be seen by the size of the tower in the view.

This issue also affects Arma 2.

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