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Frames per second issue in all maps after 30min or an hour of play
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basically before todays update (sep3,2013) i was getting super good fps on high. today i had to put everything to standard and an extremely low view distance and still get fps issues after a certain amount of time.

i have an i5quadcore @3ghz
6g of ram


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Was it wasteland?

im having the same issue while in the editor,
it runs fine for a few minutes and than performance drops.
not caused by AI cause they only spawn when I am in their direct environment.
a few days ago everything was fine but performance seem to have decreased since the update mentioned above.

running on AMD phenom 2 x4 965 @3.6ghz
8 GB memory, Radeon HD7970, game installed on SSD station.

actually i was on a city life server on altis when i first noticed it...hell i played that same server before the above mentioned update for 4 hours straight with over 50 fps after the patch i cant play any longer than 30 minutes on any server without having severe frame rate issues.

i noticed my memory for arma3 in task manager just keeps increasing and increasing and i think that there might be a memory leak or something. i am by no means an expert on anything computer related.