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character synchronized with create task do not activate triggers made after task succeed trigger
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if you make tasks with the modules you sync the player with the create task.
The trigger too make the task succeed reacts on the player but if you make a simple trigger further up the player wont be able too activate it.

If you make a friendly AI and group him with the player,then that trigger will react too the grouped AI.


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Make player and make simple task with modules.
Make a trigger that plays music when entered further up (activation=bluefor, present)

Do the task and move too music trigger.That trigger wont activate.

Do the same with a grouped AI.

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I was not able reproduce this.

Is it possible you have grouped one of the modules instead of syncing it? If not, please add a repro mission.

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i just made this in a new map and now it workes.
Just the task destination wont show up on map,but it seems this is broken since the alpha.
I checked if i mistook group with sync but that wasent the case.
No idea what is going wrong in my original map,maybe remake the whole thing would be the best.
Thx mrflay for taking a look in this :p

I found what was the problem.
I put This Setcaptive true in the init of the char so i could look around without getting shot.
Once i deleted this all triggers after the first task (exept task destination ) work 100%.