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Subsonic Rounds, Supersonic "Crack", and "Gas Cycling".
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Subsonic rounds may have already been discussed as they were used in previous Arma titles. Subsonic rounds would complement all rifle suppressors as in the real world there would be a supersonic "crack" or report if you will due to most rifle rounds with or without a suppressor. Muzzle flash would still be lessened considerably.

However there would be repercussions to such a benefit of the rifle truly having a lower decible count at a closer range. Most rifles cannot cycle a round fully as gas is lessened for subsonic propulsion and needs to be cycled manually by the user in order to chamber another round. The velocity of the bullet would slow and be effected by gravity severly. Thus reducing effective combat range.
 My solution would be to put an animation in game allowing the player to load a magazine of subsonic munition into rifle of choice, fire a round, then animate player moving bolt back and forth to eject old and chamber a new round.
From what I have seen in my short time playing and reviewing news and updates the M320 LRR .408 already has a manual fire with a progress bar between shots. During that time there would be no option to fire another shot until finished or until animation is finshed if that part of the in game "HUD".
My apologies if this subject has come and gone from the discussion table. I only hope to help bring about the realism that is upheld in this game's development. 
Thank you for your time.


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I can only offer what I hope to be viable references to what I preached hear. Please correct me if I have made an error in my attempted reasonning. I apologize once again if I'm bringing up old news. (This is one example.) (This is something I may need to get back to you on as the rifle is cycling rounds autonomously. Gas may not be traveling as far and therefore has the propuslion to cycle.)

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Most military rifles have an adjustable gas system to facilitate cycling with subsonic ammo. You'd either have to use a non-suppressor ready civilian rifle or really out of whack ammunition to produce a failure to feed or even properly extract malfunction on every shot.

The idea is not bad. InstaGoat said it already. However, failure to feed or short strokes could be a nice feature for weapon jams.

We don't have to clean our weapons in-game, but some sort of malfunction should be simulated.

With a bolt action you won't have many possible malfunctions (only catastrophic failures) but this would add the possibility to sabotage ammunition (like the MACSOG did in Vietnam).

For semi/fully automatic weapons there are quite a lot of malfunctions. Aforementioned short strokes (low gas pressure), failure to feed (magazine lips deformed), double feeds (combination of isues) and everything that does not require armory service (which would be too much).

A catastrophic malfunction can injure or kill the shooter, depending on severity. A bullpup rifle has a good chance of inflicting injuries directly to the head while a common design can cause hands and arms to be affected as well.

This might be more than this ticket asked for :D

I obviously need to catch up on my own reading. Thank you.

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Yeah, i noticed the round fly-by sound is definetly to loud in this game - its the laudest sound of ARMA 3 which is totally unrealistic. I Ai start shooting at me i almost get a heart attack