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Increase weapon damage
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Currently 5.56 NATO and .308 do very little damage compared to what they do in real life. Even the man without armor can stand two or three hits with 5.56 at 200m or less. It is not quite an issue in CQB (if you use burst fire) but when you engage at medium and long ranges it makes some trouble.

The problem of low damage affects .50BMG as well because civilian pickup truck's engine requires at least 2 hits at point blank range to be disabled.

You may say that in real life man will survive after several hits -- yes he will, but he will be combat ineffective for at least few hours (or even days and months) which means he is out of combat anyway.

The easiest and the most effective way to solve the problems is to increase weapons damage.


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What rifle uses .308?

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Mk18 (which was named EBR earlier) and Zafir use .308 (it's called 7.62x45 for some resson though).

Even if they use not exactly a .308 they use a full-sized rifle cartrige that is surely more powerfull than a assault rifle's intermidiate round.

Try on the main menu going into Configure -> GAME -> DiFFICULTY -> Extended Armor -> Disabled.

Extended armor is a crutch that is enabled by default.

Does this fix your problems?

Val added a comment.Sep 1 2013, 11:48 PM

Try playing multiplayer on servers where extended armor is disabled and you will notice that the damge is still low. So it's not about difficulty settings.

How do you know it is disabled? And connection and other factors are at play including body armor.

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By disabling it in server settings if it is hosted by me or by asking the administrator if not.

Still if killing a man requires to shoot him in the face (even in spite he is in helmet his face is not covered by any sort of armor) at least twice with 5.56 at 70m it doesn't seem too realistic whether extended armor is enabled or disabled.

I can take the G-17 and shoot one bullet and kill someone with a headshot.

Also, to add to this, almost every other weapons system (Not just 5.56 and 7.62) is severely underpowered. 6.5mm rounds at point blank range require two hits to the torso to kill when it should be one. 9mm requires four or five, when it should be two at the most (Three in extreme circumstances)! This is ridiculous. Even 20mm cannon fire (Try putting a grounded AH-99 in front of some enemies w/ you as the gunner)won't kill a man in one hit! It takes two 20mm rounds to the torso to kill! This is completely unrealistic. A single 20mm cannon round at <100m would complete explode a man's chest cavity, whether or not he was wearing a plate carrier. Bohemia, unless you're trying to make sandbox Call of Duty, please make weapon damage more realistic. Weapons are grossly under powered and this greatly hurts the realism and immersion of the game.

In reality, in reality...In reality you don't have second chance. It's a game deal with it.

Val added a comment.Sep 2 2013, 12:23 PM

This game is a simulator. It means that it is meant to depict reality as close as possible (and as playabale).

And about that "second chance" stuff -- you have "save", "load", "restart" and "respawn" buttons if you need another chance.

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I think BIS should offer more flexibility for weapon damage, maybe a slider to increase damage to most realistic, all calibres should also penetrate materials better.

@Val just because Arma 3 simulate reality fairy well it doest make it a simulator. There is a simulator if you want one made by BIS too, it is called VBS2 and probably already VBS3, so lets drop this simulator nonsense. It has also been said by developer, Arma 3 is game first.

Val added a comment.Sep 2 2013, 1:32 PM

Anyway Arma 3 is the game that pretends to be realistic and that's why it would be better if it depicted firearms closer to reality than it does at the moment (right now it really reminds me of Battlefield 3(which is obviously a good game but not a realistic one) in terms of ammo needed to kill someone).

Sorry, but BF3 is shit game. BF2 is good game.

Val added a comment.Sep 2 2013, 1:44 PM

It doesn't really matter. Weapon damage in Arma 3 still has to be increased.

@Killzone_Kid VBS 2 is 3000 dollars. And regarding damage, Arma 3's damage system still needs a lot of work along with a medical system.