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Module for city sound ambience
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So I was making a small mission where at early morning you are to infiltrate Kavala and do some operations. Its peace and quiet over the town and enemy patrols are casually doing their patrols.

I decided to just have a bit of fun and ordered a mortar strike on a position where I saw some enemies, and BAM! Houses and the patrol demolished in a chaotic blast. After the blast there was just...peace and quiet again.

So a little request that would raise (imo) the immersion a lot would be to have car alarms and dogs barking when an explosion has gone off.

-Right after an explosion gone off car alarms (some "toot toot toot" and some "weep weep weep" (lol bare with me - different alarm types) start sounding and at the same time dogs barking here and there over the town can be heared.

-After some time the alarms stops randomly until all gone (maybe 10 min or so?), and the dogs keep barking for while more until they also randomly 1 by 1 are silenced (as they run away).

Sure we can do this with scripts, but BIS amazing new modules for making things easier for us could be a nice contribution to raise the atmosphere of war and horror, and at the same time add a slight bit more of realism to urban combat.

Anyway, just a small idea. It felt too quiet after a massive explosion went off in such a big and nice town early morning. :)


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