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AI aimbotting through structures during town combat
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Fighting in towns on ALTIS eventually an AI would go into a lock-on aimbot loop. No matter what cover I took or what buildings I entered (breaking line of sight of the offending AI).. it would continue a steady semi-auto fire and eventually kill me and then find the next nearest player and rinse repeat. There was no way to stop this unless you leave the town and go out of the AI's range of fire.


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Get into town combat with multiple enemy AI. Eventually one will "lock on" .. you will hear them start to fire in a semi-auto rythm like a metronome and no matter what cover or building you go into it will continue to fire and track you until you are dead.

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This behavior was DEV BRANCH on ALTIS while playing DOMINATION. Not sure if it's an ARMA3 issue or something buggy with DOMINATION?

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