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[DEV Branch] BTR-K has no Turn out option
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There is no turn out option for the BTR-K from any of the crew-able positions. Not sure if this is related to issue #0011595 {F21805}


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The Gunner has no "Turn out". The turret is remote controlled.

While it is true that the turret is remote controlled, you can clearly see three separate hatches on the top hull of the vehicle (unlike the Panther for example, which has only one hatch for the commander to turn out from). That leads me to believe that the gunner can indeed turn out.

Even if the gunner cannot turn out. Having that ability for the commander at least is very essential. It will also make things a lot less painful for the driver as well.

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I definently agree that at least the commander should be able to.

Oh, i missunderstand this issue.

Btw, the BTR-K has more logical errors as it seems.

In TI, its seems the engine in placed in the rear. But there is no space for a enginge. There is the passenger space.
Logically, the engine would have to be in the front. There is in my opinion not much space in front of the crew. Or they have the BTR-K built with an engine of a Ford Fiesta?

If the BTR-K is based on the BMPT-64 then you are right. The engine should be in front.

However I am not sure I am able to see the engine in thermal (on the BTR-K as well as the other APCs). I can only see the exhaust outlets that are hotter than the rest and of course the guns when firing. Maybe my settings are messed up.

It takes a moment until the hull is also warm.
I make a screenshot tomorrow if I do not forget it.