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(Altis) Pier @ Kavala has some issues.
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I tried to create some ambient civilians ( and atmosphere) at the waterside of Kavala and I placed a group of 2 civilians on the pier with a move order to walk to the other end of the pier, I tried a dozen times but they will refuse to choose a path over the pier. They will always go to the backside of the houses and walk from there to the other end. (example added)

Also, When I place myself on the pier I will often spawn under the pier (depending where, close to water) or mingled up in the concrete floor. The pier is not set to altitude zero. I have to set both myself and AI to altitude 2 to spawn properly. {F21774}


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Example added ( raw mission map)

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I notice that the piers in other town have the same issue. AI can not walk over the pier. They search for the nearest road to walk over.

Still an issue. Trying to make a 2man AI group patrol a dock is impossible.

I did notice that if the very first waypoint is placed on dock, the ai will path to it just fine. However, after they are on the dock's surface, any additional waypoints become broken. They will path to the one waypoint at the end of the dock (or wherever it was placed onto the dock), stop and turn circles when they start heading to the new waypoint. Even using a doMove will not work..

Maybe add some invisible roads under or on the dock? Not sure if they'd path better.

This is a real killer for SP mission making. Where trying to get maximum immersion.

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This appears to be a problem with the pier in Pyrgos as well as the one near to the solar power station next to the airport. If you try to walk on the concrete pier, it doesn't appear to have a ground level set and you walk on the underlying ground level and then get stuck in the pier. AI will avoid them and walk into the water instead. I had to remove the waypoints for a patrol on the pier as they just walked off the edge into the water.

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Many issues with the piers. Upvoted.

It is pretty much still the same as the AI pathing issues in arma2 when you try to setup waypoints over a pier.