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UAV Drone Idea
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UAV/Radios cannot be controlled in editor to create set ranged for them like say i wanna make AR drone only go 5KM from me and lose connection.


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Could you try and rephrase this suggestion? I don´t really understand what you want.

I think what they are trying to say is that there is no way to access the uav in the editor mode to change the effective range and set how far the uav can travel from the pilot/operator so that way you cant have an over powered "i can fly my uav from the safety of my base and scout for my team"setting the distance to only 5km means they will have to be in the shit to help out and possibly get shot at by the enemy

for example i wanna control said aspects..
how far, and/or who (my teams/my group/my friend) connects to said device, then control how far that said device is effective before losing its signal
u can take control of my uav from anywhere but u cant use the turret whilst i fly

Thanks, I get it then. This seems like a strange request for editor functionality. It is the equivalent of changing the top speed of the Marshall, or the round capacity of a magazine, in the Editor. If a maximum range of UAVs needs to be implemented either BIS needs to do it, or a mod needs to be created IMO.

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Very similar to the ACRE mod (which BIS needs to implement)

  • they scripted in object interference and range (very well)

wouldn't be surprised if that could be applied to a TERM -> UAV as well

.... (thinking)

  • couldn't we just modify existing triggers/scripts that spawn ambience within a distance of _player to instead to trigger auto_sync since its built in
  • or even something resembling a VEH_service_trigger that deactivates sync when exiting the trigger_radius (around player)

overall I don't see why it couldn't be done... only problem is the sync issues do still exist so the re-sync would be the problem...
overall they wont push this ticket up because its VERY LOW priority but hope it gets someone (besides me) thinking :P

! mod_devs needed on this one !

since the game occur in 2030s... it's perfectly possible that future ar drones models to be equiped with satellite connection. the maximum range wouldn't be a problem anymore.

You could be right, but what about when the UGVs go into dense forests and cities? And could a satellite receiver be fit onto the quadrotor?