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Static items clipping through top of desk / floor / anything being hidden
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When I set items on top of another, say a desk for example, They seem to clip through the top layer/mesh of the item and rest on the bottom mesh. This effectively hides them from view. It makes creating a mission that requires you to find Top Secret documents (see picture below) impossible unless you set it outside on the ground. It also looks bad if the item has parts that stick above the top mesh layer (see laptop in attached picture). {F21756}


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Steps To Reproduce

In the editor, place down a Side: Empty, Class: Object [Furniture], Unit: Desk. Place a Side: Empty, Class: Object [Small], Unit: Laptop (Open), 1.5 meters elevation so it falls on top of the desk. Place a Side: Empty, Class: Object [Small], Unit: File (Top Secret), 1.5 meters elevation so it falls on top of the desk.

I rotated the laptop and file so the corner stuck out the edge of the desktop, otherwise you won't see the keyboard or file at all.

Additional Information

I placed a laptop on the floor of the Military Office as well to demonstrate that it isn't just the desk surface (see attached picture).

This could also be a cause of the AI clipping through floors or walls. Are the artists using the wrong side of an object to build their horizontal plains, or is this designed that way on purpose? Does each placeable object need it's bounding box adjusted?

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