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AI falls from Military Cargo Tower when trying to exit
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If you set AI to patrol into any position on a Military Cargo Tower then have them move to another location outside of it, They will clip through the wall they are near and fall out. Also I've noticed during battles, any AI placed with the military 'site' tool in the Editor also jump out when a battle starts and they decide to exit to help fight. {F21755}


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Steps To Reproduce

Set AI man outside the Military Cargo Tower. Set a way-point to move to a location inside the tower. Set a way-point to move to a location outside the tower. Preview and watch as AI walks into tower then jumps to commit suicide.

Additional Information

It seems that setting a second way-point inside the tower can prevent the jumping death. I did however notice an AI get lost while moving between locations inside the tower once. He just kept doing circles in one spot when heading between location #7 and location #4. This was not a set cycle way-point either. Maybe a problem with going between floors?

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