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Enemy AA missiles are too effective compared to countermeasures available.
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Didn't know which category this would fit in so if there's a better one go ahead and change it :)

So I want to raise two issues with aircraft (specifically rotorcraft but this may effect fixed wing in some ways) currently when it comes to enemy AA.

First issue is that if a missile is launched and the flares are hit too early the missile will not be distracted and the delay at the end of the launch of flares will allow the missile to strike in the time between the first and 2nd launch of flares.
Please either add an automated system for flare launches like how is currently done on nearly all military aircraft
Make flares more effective at distracting missiles so that burning flares will attract missiles while you launch the 2nd.

the 2nd issue i want to raise is after the strike it self, the aircraft rotors lock and freeze, if the cockpit is hit, the rotors lock, if the tail is hit the rotors lock.
Now normally this wouldn't be a problem if the engine were to be killed (as it should IF IT IS HIT) as you could autorotate but you also appear to lose all motion somehow instantaneously causing the aircraft to nose dive and plummet to the ground, killing everyone onboard if you're above 40-50m.

Please change the damage system so that the above only happens if the blades are hit and destroyed, not as soon as the missile looks at the helicopter the wrong way...


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IMO the best solution to the first issue would be automated flares.

Agreed, it's already automated on the UAV's seeing (from what i can see) you're in an AI controlled aircraft.