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Xbox 360 Controller Analogue Curves Should be Linear!
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Or at the very least, much MUCH more reasonable. Trying to drive a truck with a 360 controller means you have two modes of steering: for part of the throw of the stick, it's very fine movements, too fine probably. But then you hit a point where all of a sudden it jumps up to something FAR too sensitive to be useful for anything other than a sudden turn. The min and max is fine, just don't give us horrible acceleration on it. I wonder if this is a part of why collective is so busted on the 360 controller.
Basically, make the analogue stuff linear, not exponential like it seems to be. The point of analogue controls is allowing me to chose the degree of impact I'm having, not to have that choice all but made for me.


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Get in a truck with a 360 controller set up for driving controls, then move the analogue stick slowly to turn. Notice the sudden increase in turning velocity. Looking around with the other stick is similarly terrible.

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