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Create task - death player - switch - not visible
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When a player dies in MP COOP play and he/she switches to another team member, the tasks are then not visible until their state is changed(accomplished, failed etc). Create task - owner: all playable units. Server respawn = 5;
respawnDelay = 10;


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The update of 28-08-2013 has the following in the changelog:

Fixed: Tasks were not updated for players waiting for respawn

Could this be fixed already?

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Oh crap, didn't notice that. Well.. anyway, it's official on the feedback tracker now :P.

Can you test if your issue is resolved with that update? If it is you can set the 'Resolution' to fixed.

Byku added a comment.Aug 30 2013, 11:27 AM

It unfortunately is not. When my friend died and changed to different soldier, the tasks were not visible for him until they were updated.