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XH-9 very slow rudder at hover and climb/descent rate unrealistic.
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The turning speed for XH-9 is slowest from all the choppers currently in the game (only ghosthawk is somewhat same).

Try hovering at zero speed and doing a 360 with all the choppers using the in-game compass and clock. You will get these numbers roughly:

AH-9/MH-9: 10s
Blackfoot: 7s
Ghosthawk: 10s
Orca: 8s
Kajman: 9s
Mohawk: 6s

I am ok with all the other choppers, but XH-9 is super agile in real life, so I don't see why in this game it has been artificially slowed down.

look at this video posted by the other reporter, I quote:

" [^]

Look @ ~ 0:45sec and @ 3:18... And this game takes place +30 year into the future surely a "modern" littlebird must be faster than it is now.

Climb rate in-game atm is around 8.7m/s and according to wikipedia a Boing AH-6 has a rate of climb: 10.5m/s.

Also tried from 100-0m and it gave me roughly the same time, around 11.5-12sec. "

The Mohawk is a big chopper and it has the fastest turn rate. Maybe thats because the huge main rotor does a very fast spin if you let down the tail and when you push the tail rotor all the way up it does turn super fast too. Because thats how choppers work in real life. One pedal lowers tail rotor thus making main rotor influential. And the other pedal increases tail rotor, turning the chopper the other direction.

Maybe thats why the Mohawk turns like crazy. I don't know, Im not a pilot, but a man of science and I try to find a logical reason everywhere.

Currently it looks like developers should do one simple thing - SWITCH the Mohawk and XH-9. You will get the super agile XH-9 and a flying brick Mohawk. That seems fair.

But again, I don't know, maybe it is intended. Please give us an answer, we are all trying to improve the flight model.


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Play the game in editor and try yourself, you will see !

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