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AI ignores enemy gunfire from as close as 300m
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Observed: AI will ignore furious gunfire from very close ranges, starting from 300m. Dozens of bullets can be whipping past their ears, but as long as none strike home or hit the ground, they will ignore the incoming fire. This gives a large unfair advantage to human snipers.

Expected: AI should enter alarmed state when overhearing gunshots (from unknown enemies) out to 800-1000m. Ie, so long as the bullets can still easily hurt them, they should be concerned by shooting sounds. Most of all, they should hear sonic cracks. We have mods that allow sonic cracks to suppress the enemy, so I know BI can make them audible.

Also, they should react instantly, instead of delaying for 5 seconds as they do now.


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Stand 300m away from enemy squad that is facing the other direction. Dump a whole mag into the air full auto, then shoot carefully over the enemies' heads.

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