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Runway lights on airfield flicker unrealistically and are almost impossible to see on approach
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Runway lights need to be fixed on all runways. Currently they flicker very unrealistically and are almost invisible from relatively short distances. They should be much brighter. {F21716} {F21717} {F21718}


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Yes they are very dim, especially that minor runways (not the big one in the middle).

I was actually wanting to land on the runway on the dried salt lake on the top right of the map and I couldn't find it. I thought it was on mainland. But then I realized when I looked on the minimap that I flew over it.

Runway lights flicker almost like the lights are below the mesh. They are almost invisible from even short distances (500m) when flying at night. They should be clearly visible from at least 500m. The airports also have most lights switched off - which is a great pity since it ruins the effect. This applies to today's dev build Sept 20. All airfield lights are still way too weak and cannot be seen from any realistic distance.

Runway lights should illuminate the runway. Also Control tower and terminal building lights should be on.

Gekkibi added a subscriber: Gekkibi.May 7 2016, 4:19 PM

"Runway lights should illuminate the runway"
No they shouldn't. They should be clearly visible and show the centerline and edges (both runway and taxiways) as well as where the treshold is. They should not illuminate the surrounding.

@Gekkibi I was not suggesting that the lights should illuminate the surroundings. There are two basic issues - one dealing with lighting the surrounding airfield buildings this is covered in a separate ticket and two they should implement a proper runway lighting system.

What I was saying is that the airfield lights are far from ideal at the moment. The developers on ARMA3 should consider implementing runway lighting more realistically:

  1. Approach Light Systems (ALS)
  2. Visual Glideslope Indicators
  3. Runway End Identifier Lights
  4. Runway Edge Light Systems
  5. In-runway Lighting incl Runway Centerline Lighting System,Touchdown Zone Lights, Taxiway Centerline Lead-Off Lights, Taxiway Centerline Lead-On Lights, Land and Hold Short Light
  6. Runway Status Lights

Obviously its going to be a trade off between features and performance.

Apart from the above it would be great if the developers could implement a module that allows you to switch on/off lights within a certain radius of the module. This would allow you cut power to an area i.e. town dependent on mission requirements. Airport building lights would also be able to be switched on and off using this module.

Failing this feature request - that all airfield lighting is re-looked and fixed. It is far from acceptable at present.

I agree this is very bad. After just trying flying at night I barely even noticed the airbase flying towards it to attempt a landing. You see a few normal lights the same as the lights in any other built up area and most of the runway lights aren't visible. You just see some twinkling but not even enough to make out it's a runway. This really needs to be fixed and is terrible at the moment.

or even better, bohemia: give us some way to adjust them in the editor. even if it includes .ext and .sqf files and lots of burdensome scripting.

As of Dev patch 25/9 the runway lights look much better. They look better from far at least. From short distances the lights have a bloom around them. Tested in harsh weather and different seasons. The main airfield in Stratis doesn't have taxiway lights or red end of runway warning lights. Airfield lighting now needs to be sorted out it's far too dark. This issue has been created in a separate ticket.

It would be nice if all runways could have some lighting. But I suppose we will have to live with placing lights on the smaller airfields ourselves - assuming we had some. Now all we need is for all the airport buildings to be lit up properly and we are cooking or a module that toggles lights within a radius!