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All AI vehicles often may stop shooting at anyone (With Repro)
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Time to time suddently all AI controlled vehicles from each side, may stop shooting at anyone. They drive around and point at player with turret, but dont shoot. Happens randomly in my missions even I dont have anything to alter Ai behaviour (e.g. setcombatmodes there). Sometimes bug appear in few minutes, sometimes all work great for ~hour. FPS is smooth and there is no error messages appearing when the issue starts.


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Steps To Reproduce

Get my mission Whole Lotta Altis

Use this savegame (should start next to enemy vehicle that isnt shooting).

If I have updated the mission in steam, here is the identical version used in the savegame:

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Issue started around the same time when UAV/UGVs were released. Some times also AI units may spot shooting, but that havent happened for me for sometime.

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I use JSRS2.0 mod that might be needed to play that savegame:

Issue have been there without mods too.

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This is probably a legacy issue. APCs loved to suddenly hold fire in ArmA 2.

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Some players are reporting that setting virtual memory in windows may solve AI issues. For this AI vehicle issue, problems disapeared for me and most of players, when I ended using the old A2 spawnvehicle function. Using now my own script with the new createVehicleCrew-command creating the crew and havent spotted issues after that.

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This issue seemed to be from faulty 1 setFog [0,0,0];

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Here is proper repro for the exact issue.