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Mouse Cursor no longer works in game
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I updated to the Dev build as soon as Altis was available. After playing for 2 days I now have a weird problem. My mouse cursor is not functional in the game at all.

I can't interact with menus, turn my character, shooter, scroll for commands, or anything else involving my mouse. I've checked to make sure it isn't my mouse. I've tested atleast 15 other games and they all work fine. When I open the editor I can only move the editor cursor in about a 2x2 inch square in the center of the screen.

I even checked to see if my dual monitor set up was creating the issue and that wasn't the case.


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Have same problem with Win 7 - 64bit.

Can move mouse cursor around, but not click on any GUI element.

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I only have this when I change resolution and then start up ArmA again. The mouse cursor behaves as the previous resolution. I think it happens only when you set the resolution lower then monitor resolution.

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Thanks for reporting the issue. Seems like a duplicate of 0013029. Could you please confirm it still happens and try the steps mentioned in 0013029? Thanks in advance.