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AI should be able to guess direction of gunfire to within 180 degrees
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The AI has very good hearing for some things, and very bad hearing for others. There is a ticket reporting that they can engage CQB targets with their ears alone, on a pitch black night.

When it comes to pinpointing the direction of gunfire, they have the opposite problem.

At all ranges, the AI is prone to make wildly incorrect guesses as to the bearing/heading of gunfire.

Expected: The AI should hear a gunshot and turn to face the general direction of the sound, with a sizable error of 45-90 degrees in each direction.

Observed: At all ranges, the AI sometimes looks absolutely the wrong way. If the shooter is 400m away at 3 o'clock, they are more than capable of scanning the ground at 9 o'clock, 30m away.

It is good that the AI have a large degree of error when searching for sounds, but right now it is excessive. They should not err more than 180 degrees when guessing the heading of gunfire. They should also be able to reliably distinguish between close, mid and long range gunshots.


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This is more of a general observation, without a concrete repro. I tried to make one, but the AI make correct guesses so often that it might waste a tester's time. I will assume that most people have experienced this for themselves.

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