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Random bursts of noisy sounds [Sound samples inlcuded in video]
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This issue might be what M1sfit has reported in this ticket, currently closed:
It's some kind of positional noise/buzzing sound that pops up from time to time, encountered both on Stratis and Altis (meaning it's apparent on dev build as well). I tried messing around with sample rate, but with no luck. I also tried to use my motherboard's soundcard instead of my main one (even tried to reinstall drivers), and still, the problem persisted. From what I get, it's possible that the problem is apparent only on my end, but would like to know if anyone else has it, and if possible, to be fixed.
My specs:
i5 4670k
Asus z87-k
GTX 660 oc
4gb ram
Line 6 toneport ux2 soundcard

(To clarify: I've encountered this issue only on Arma 3 -nowhere else.)


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Here's a video:
The first time, you can hear it on the right channel, the second time, on the left. Left one is a lot clearer and louder, so you should get the idea.

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