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[DEV][BUG] Steering sensitivity in Civilian Offroad becomes unstable at high speeds
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Given the new long roads of Altis, this bug now can be reproduced :)

The problem is that when moving at maximum speed (163-164 km/h), pressing the keys A/D sometimes produce a significant jerk on the steering wheel instead of slight adjustment. This may result in loss of control and player death.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Place a playable civilian offroad at Sofia (Grid 257213)
2.Drive southwest on the "highway", using Shift+W for attaining maximum speed
3.Make small adjusments with A/D keys as you drive. Notice how after a long straight piece of road (after moving 300-500m without steering) the first adjustment becomes a "jerky" one.

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Can anyone elder confirm the issue?

Using a joystick.
I am not sure if this is the same issue, but I found out that when the vehicle speed increases, the steering deadzone increases. When travelling at about 105km/h, the deadzone is a crazy 60%. I can imagine this causing a jerking steering with keyboard.
This seems to occur reguardless of the vehicle type.

Make a separate ticket for that issue and link it here.

I can confirm. This has also happened with the Ifrit, and it is probably present with other vehicles as well.

Deadzone should always respect ingame settings, sensitivity is to change.

ALSO: Brakes are insane in 0-50kmh range.

Fixed in release.