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Vehicle damage indicator inconsistency
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Currently there is only three states white, orange, red, and it is never very clear what state your vehicle is in.

e.g. Your instrument icon is white in your heli but your hud keeps blinking, or your car is all white but it only goes half the speed, or sometimes the wheel indicator is orange but the car drives completely fine and other times your wheel indicator is also orange but the wheel is wrecked.

Solution: Add shades of the colors like lite yellow, yellow, lite orange etc. like it was in arma 2.
And the wheel indicator should be cut up in to 4 (or 6 if you are driving a truck) smaller bits (not making new icons for every wheel, just cutting up smaller kakes inside the WHL icon) so you can see the health of each wheel. Same could be done with tracked vehicles, instead of having 2 icons you can just have 1.


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Crash an offroad in a rock a few times

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Either completely remove the damage indicators and show the damage in cockpit in the form of hydraulic pressure, engine RPM and aesthetic changes (Except the wheels maybe, because you don't have force feedback and you don't have anyway of knowing that.)
Or use a diagram for each vehicle to show the damage of the specific parts.

Yeah a diagram maybe better.

EDIT: no it wouldn't, it would look to clustered


I agree, except that the wheels can be at least somewhat visibly damaged. You can notice them deflate at certain damage states. The problem with only showing these states via the vehicle's instruments is that not every vehicle has them, but personally I'd prefer this anyway since it's more realistic that way.

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Damage indicators should be removable through the difficulty settings.

Vehicles like cars and such need visual inspection to check tires. It's pretty obvious if one is damaged while you drive. Fuel can be checked on the fuel indicator inside the car. The engine could make some noise when damaged.

As for aircraft like helicopters and airplanes, they usually have a pretty thourough set of status indicators inside the cockpit, which is a great excuse to exclude the hud-indicators as well.

As for the HUD-status indicators, they should have a range between 0-100% and colored thereafter. 100% - White, 50% yellow, 0% red. The colors mix in between.