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Runway Markings at 143159(altis) are wrong
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Runways should be marked as 04L, 04R, 22L, 22R. Instead of 04 and 22. {F21675}


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I was thinking to make a ticked of that. Yesterday I feel confused when overflight the airport and see both runways with same designation.

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Yeah I had that same feeling when touring Altis last night.

Can you provide evidence it's wrong?

Runways are marked left(L) and right(R) if running parallel to avoid confusion. However with google earth it seems that they are not which is odd. Maybe the ran out of money to paint the L and R.

At the same time the charts I have pulled up indicate L and R

For example.

But when searching the ICAO it seems the larger runway is the only active runway. Making me the the smaller is used as a taxiway now.

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As an addition to Scoggs' answer (0050291):
There's also the option to use a C-marker (which stands for Center). I don't know if there are airports on Altis with 3 parallel runways, but eg. Frankfurt/Germany uses 25L, 25C and 25R as runway markings.

Also it may be correct, that 22R is used as a taxiway, as the original yellow taxiway-line only goes to 22L, as seen in the previously attached file.

This has been fixed. Runway markings are correct.