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Green Grass In Winter
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The summer yellow/brown grass/ground looks great but in winter it should be much more green.


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Totally agree , then what is the point of having full year system...

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this is the kind of little detail that increase the immersion of a game.

how is it that there are so many downvotes? (unless this is actually a dupe)

this has been an issue ever since the start of the saga.

Yes, The grass in winter, should be dark green, with a light white/grey shine on top of it, to show it having a layer of frost on top, Which could be done with it having reflections, and reflects the sky's light to give this frosty look to it, Don't know how would that look but could work...

While we're on the subject, vegetation in general should change with the seasons.

While we are on the subject, many things with the engine should change.

Sky should change with the seasons, same with the wind

unable to fix this at this moment