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Bluefor Recon Medic sometimes get stuck after treating teammates
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While creating a mission and testing roughly 7/10 times, when I order my Medic to treat a teammate or myself he will get stuck and be unable to move even if I order him around, the only way I have been able to fix this is by injuring the medic having him treat himself and then he will rejoin the formation. I have edited the unit a little (Given him a name, removed some weapon attachments and added headgear), I don't see how editing would have this effect on AI. *Note* At the beginning of the mission I have [this disableAI "move";] on the unit but I get rid of that after the briefing.


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Can you please create and attach simply repro mission with this issue? Thank you.

Hey it seems to have stopped on full release of the game. Thanks for looking into it anyway.

Ok, I am closing now. When you will have thiss issue again, so create new report please. Thank you.